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Toy Adventure by Jessica Bodiford

Toy Adventure by Jessica Bodiford

May 15, 2020

What if your favorite toys got lost in the Caribbean? Join Mr. Potato Face, Matelle, and Basic Bob on an epic adventure on the magical island of Haiti!

Math Escape by Jessica Bodiford

Math Escape by Jessica Bodiford

July 4, 2020

 Join our heroes as they stumble upon an amazing adventure and outwit trolls along the way because 1 princess + 1 centaur + a bunch of trolls = lots of fun.

S3, Ep. 2 - ”Braving Uncharted Waters” by Ask Deer Abby

S3, Ep. 2 - ”Braving Uncharted Waters” by Ask Deer Abby

May 1, 2022

Welcome to the second episode of Ask Deer Abby, Season Three! Abby and Hopper are thrilled to be offering advice (and puns) to some brand new animal friends. First up, we’ve got a capybara named Sara who is NOT looking forward to her friend’s upcoming pool party. Hopefully Abby can encourage Sara to take a leap of faith and dive into the deep end of her insecurities. Next up, it’s the one and only Yaksley, owner of Yaks 5th Avenue, who simply cannot fathom why his store isn’t doing as well recently. Let’s hope Abby can help this distressed yak bring those customers back! Later on, we'll bring in some animal experts to answer the question on everyone's mind: “Do animals wear makeup like humans do?”

Thanks again for listening, and as always, if you've got a problem just stop on by, and we'll say "Hi" at Ask Deer Abby!

Cast (in order of appearance): Hopper - Trevor Goble Abby - Allison Pratt Sara Capybara - Hannah Church Yaksley - Trevor Goble Hello Fish Announcer - Trevor Goble Mama Bear - Allison Pratt BumblebeeMW Announcer - Trevor Goble Prescott the Peacock - Paul McClain Desmond the Decorator Crab - Topher Payne

Crew: Produced by: Trevor Goble and Allison Pratt Written by: Emily McClain, Trevor Goble and Allison Pratt Sound Editing Engineer: Trevor Goble Sound Mixing and Mastering Engineer: Marcus Grimaldi at Next Level Recording


Donations and Tips can be made via Venmo to either Trevor or Allison (the creators of the show.) Venmo usernames: @Allison-Simmons-14 @Trevor-Goble

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