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Math Escape by Jessica Bodiford

Math Escape by Jessica Bodiford

July 4, 2020

 Join our heroes as they stumble upon an amazing adventure and outwit trolls along the way because 1 princess + 1 centaur + a bunch of trolls = lots of fun.

Possible Burger by Special When Lit

Possible Burger by Special When Lit

May 1, 2022

The MN State Fair is a highly anticipated event of the Summer- concerts, rides, and of course - food. Attendees walk through the animal barns, often consuming the flesh of the animals they visit. Do you know what (or who) you are eating? "Possible Burger" explores gluttony, and the revenge of the consumed. Features the voices of pigs and sounds of the swine barn from the 2021 MN State Fair, recorded by Nordland herself.

Special When Lit unapologetically pushes the boundaries of storytelling, finding a universal humanity in the weird, the extraordinary and the supernatural. We particularly enjoy using spectacle, blood and emboldened sexuality to create a visceral experience for the audience. Founder, Nissa Nordland Morgan, wrote the audio horror Nisse-Natten, which received praise from the judges of the Atlanta Fringe Audio Festival in 2020. She was awarded the TC Arts Reader Critic’s Choice Award and won the Theatre in the Round Venue Pick for her play "Xena and Gabrielle Smash the Patriarchy". Nordland is an alum of the Brave New Workshop Comedy Theatre, a member of the Playwright Cabal, company member of Theatre Pro Rata, and the Artistic Director of the Twin Cities Horror Festival.


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